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Duplicate Title

How do I request a duplicate title?

If you paid cash for the vehicle, take a copy of your current registration to one of our offices or the Office of Motor Vehicles and request a duplicate title. You will receive the new title in 10 business days or less.

If the vehicle was EVER financed, even though it was paid off 10 years ago, you will need a Satisfaction of Lien from the bank or finance company. They would have signed the title showing it was paid in full, but when the title was lost, so was the proof that you paid if off.

Sometimes, there will be no record that you ever had a lien with the company because so much time has passed, yet the lien is still recorded on the computer at Motor Vehicles. A statement from that lienholder that you don’t owe them any money on this particular vehicle will suffice. A complete description of the vehicle including the VIN is required.

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